Саша Зверева избавилась от пышных локонов The singer could not understand whether her new hair length. Sasha Zvereva asked his fans in social networks to estimate its cut and tell whether or not her again to build.

      Саша Зверева избавилась от пышных локонов

      The most loyal fans will remember Sasha Zverev in the nineties, when the singer was a soloist of pop group “Demo”. Then a young girl with short hair provocatively danced on the stage, bringing the crowd to their hit “Sun hands”. Now Alexander is the mother of three children, and her image has undergone great changes.

      For several years Zvereva wore long curls. Loved her lush lashes, which, it should be noted, was decorated with their owner. However, each woman over time looking for change. So Sasha decided to make a radical haircut. She shared with fans a new photo and video where it looks strange with the updated haircut.

      “A new haircut. Yes or no? I wonder how long I’ll hold your fingers to not ask them to send me my beloved long hair?”, – Sasha wrote in the microblog, apparently, having in mind the hair extensions, which she took.

      “Beauty, after all, nothing spoil! You very well younger at least five years”, “Sash, your beauty is not in the hair! Even though you’re a beauty with the long, short”, “Hold! Better natural,” “No, Sasha! Call! Long hair is yours,” “cool, Cool! Very stylish! And really suits you! Fresh, beautiful”, “Very similar was in the clips “Demo” much younger”, “short younger but with long luxurious”, – left a bunch of comments fans of the stars.
      Саша Зверева избавилась от пышных локонов

      Interestingly, the page Zvereva in Instagram is very popular. Sasha is more than three hundred thousand subscribers. Her photos inspire many young mothers because of the singer’s three children, she looks like a real supermodel.

      So, he recently admitted that he finally regained his “dobermani” weight. Now it looks just like when I was young girl, not giving birth kids. Because all mothers know how difficult it is to restore the figure after childbirth, and Zverev has successfully passed this test three times.

      Sasha Zvereva wants to give birth to fourth child

      Occasionally a star is weak and dilutes its full positive feed with stories about what is really behind all the beauty that has been enjoyed by its subscribers.

      “I have not shown how I was shaking, trembling impotence in the train. As waking up during the night in 17-th time I instead of rage stretched his mouth into a smile and played with sleepless in jetlag Lion. As I was pushing two carts Laden with Luggage and a stroller with a restless baby at the same time. As fell into oblivion in the next second when my head touched the support. Like asleep accidentally in the night and jumping up half an hour later, I found the dropped the thermometer under the Left with a value of 40.2. As you lie in a plane for hours without moving, so as not to Wake the baby, and dreaming just to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water. How to come to the apartment to put in the car dirty and put a net, and upon reaching the airport only to realise you forgot to throw the hose prehistoric cars in the drain, on a device call from the neighbors… a Lot of things,” wrote recently about his adventures at that time.

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