Sasha Strizhenova walk on 18-the anniversary of the beloved in the club

Саша Стриженова погуляла на 18-летии возлюбленного в клубе Young star congratulated his successor a young man a happy birthday. To celebrate his coming of age, Sasha Strizhenova and her friends went to one of the most famous clubs of Moscow. Maybe soon Sasha and her boyfriend have to break up, as a young man going into the army.

      Саша Стриженова погуляла на 18-летии возлюбленного в клубе

      15-year-old daughter Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy recently had a lot of fun in one of the trendy clubs in the centre of Moscow, on Bolotnaya embankment. This place is very popular among fans of night life in an institution regularly hosts parties with the best DJs and with “star” guests. One of the frequent visitors of the club is the young Alexander Strizhenova. The girl often refer to the so-called “Golden youth”, is constantly visited this place with friends.

      The other day the daughter of her famous parents decided to hang out at this club in the cheerful company of close friends. The occasion was the birthday of the beloved of girls. Anton Churekova 18 years old. On his page on the service the young man wrote that Sasha made him “the best greetings”. Churek also very proud of their friends. According to the young man, he is wonderful. Guys, according to Anton, heartily congratulated him on his coming of age.

      Саша Стриженова погуляла на 18-летии возлюбленного в клубе

      About a young man Sasha Strizhenovoj known that he was going to serve in the army, if not received in University. By the way, Churek wants to become a student of one of the leading universities in Russia. A young man passionate about history and thinking to apply for law school and the University. Lomonosov. Churek finds on the extremely difficult exam and is intensively preparing for it with a tutor. If Churek is still going to serve the country, his relationship with girlfriend Anton has no plans to discontinue. Lovers believe that it is possible to keep love at a distance.

      Sasha Strizhenova loves her boyfriend. She repeatedly wrote in social media that she and Anton are building big plans for the future together. The beloved girl is already thinking about children is not proof of the seriousness of his intentions. Sasha also noted that in the soul of her lover is very different than it might seem at first sight. “He is very kind, gentle and affectionate” — shared the girl. With him Strizhenova feels secure and loved. She also believes that Churek — talented performer. The fact that the boyfriend star heiress rapping. “He’s a rapper from God”, — says Sasha.

      Sasha Strizhenova and Anton Churek met while studying. Young people attended the same school. There they became friends and soon their relationship developed into a first love.

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