Sasha Strizhenova justified for nightlife

Саша Стриженова оправдалась за ночную жизнь Star successor does not belong to the “Golden youth”. Sasha Strizhenova was upset, having learned that her rumor about the girl. The girl is very strict about himself.

      Саша Стриженова оправдалась за ночную жизнь

      15-year-old daughter of Director and producer Alexander Strizhenova and TV presenter Catherine Strizhenova Alexander gives the impression of educated and motivated girls. She is an example to many of their peers, who are happy to follow her life via social networks.

      It is noteworthy that the young lady does not put himself on par with the children of the rich and famous people, who are engaged only in entertainments, and their own appearance. “I have nothing to Golden youth, which just wastes money of their parents. I am absolutely not the type of person who spends all their time shopping and drinking alcohol in the clubs,” says Sasha.

      Meanwhile, the emergence of Strizhenovoj in one of known capital clubs at the birthday party of the son of Christina Orbakaite Denis Baysarov made a lot of noise. One friend of the girl, who wished to remain anonymous, has published the information that Sasha had taken alcohol at the event. These words are very upset Strizhenova.

      Саша Стриженова оправдалась за ночную жизнь

      “I am a man who has spent his life involved in sports, the man who after school, the tutor and two training arrived tired birthday of a close friend, to congratulate him and to see his friends. In any other situation I would could not be in this place, because no adequate parent at this age, your child in the club will not let go,” explained the star heiress in an interview, “Peopletalk”.

      We will remind, Sasha actively shares her life with her followers on Instagram. For example, Strizhenova is a frequent author of romantic photos with her boyfriend, 17-year-old Anton Curiculum.

      “He calls me “baby”. Builds big plans for our future together. And said that our house will always laugh at the kids,” says Sasha about her choice in a social network. On the outside he is strong, formidable, serious man, but at heart a very kind, gentle and affectionate. He’s also a rapper from God. Beside him I feel small-small. Sometimes he says I stick to it. But I’m all for it. Besides, he just likes to be with me, enjoy nature, smoke a cigarette, drink tea and just be silent. As they say, the silence in good company is more expensive than empty chatter”.

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