Sasha Strizhenova experimenting with style

Саша Стриженова экспериментирует со стилем The successor of the famous names decided on transformation. Despite the workload in school, Sasha Strizhenova tries to devote time to their appearance. Members acknowledged that really suits her new style.

Daughter of Alexander and Catherine Strizhenova Sasha this year finishes school. Despite the fact that the girl is getting ready for final exams and University admission, it does not forget to devote time to secular activities, and drew attention to the appearance. Some time ago he decided on a trendy color. She has published the result of a visit to the beauty salon to boast to fans. Sasha Strizhenova made a splash at the ball

“Any change is always for the better”, – wrote in the microblog Strizhenova.

Members of the girl said that she really is this colour. They supported her desire to change. Followers admired the new image of Sasha Strizhenovoj and acknowledged that she looks great. “Sasha! How do you bloom! Admire!”, “Very beautiful! And the hair is gorgeous, and the perfect face”, “Very beautiful. So soft,” he admired fans.

Last fall Sasha Strizhenova participated in the show Bella Potemkina. However, detractors have criticized her way to the podium. They felt that the girl came to the well-known designer just because of their parents. Sasha had to justify to haters who did not share her enthusiasm from the fashion show.

“Friends, believe that your angry comments about what I don’t like the others that my appearance is not peculiar to the business model that we’ve had a weird make-up that gait I not the one that took me to pull (this is funny), I was not hurt. Less anger, more smiles”, – said Strizhenova.

Despite the fact that Sasha liked to go to the podium, she does not think about career of a model. She is seriously preparing to enter the University, and the fashion industry will be for her just a hobby.

“When I received the invitation to take part in the show, felt a billion emotions! It’s my first appearance on the podium. I was very worried: suddenly won’t fit in your dress, will fall, stumble or anything else. Before the show was hell of excitement. But Bella calmed me down and inspired, saying that I was a real Princess, and all must succeed! In my opinion, and left. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful experiences and emotions that I have experienced. But about the career of a model, honestly, seriously think. The priority of the study soon after admission. I intend to go to study in a prestigious University, and work may be beautiful and interesting hobby,” – said Strizhenova after the podium.