Саша Стриженова плачет из-за возлюбленного The chosen girl says goodbye to the school. Sasha Strizhenova’s sad that her friends have heard today the last call. Now the boyfriend of the heiress loud names preparing for final exams and University entrance.

      Саша Стриженова плачет из-за возлюбленного

      Daughter of Alexander and Catherine Strizhenovoj Sasha says goodbye to his school friends. Despite the fact that the girl herself has not yet graduated from high school, her pals today I heard the last call. Among the graduates were, and her boyfriend Anton Churek. The girl was congratulated by his friends and published in the microblog a few parting words to their address.

      “Tear-stained eyes, happy smile. It is very difficult to see out favorite schools favorite friends. I will forever remember this day! Good luck, guys!” – wrote Strizhenova.

      Despite the fact that the girl with sadness parted with her school friends, she realizes that for them this day is a real treat. Now Anton Churekova have to pass exams and choose a University. The young man was very responsible attitude to the choice of school, dreaming to become a student of one of the leading universities in Russia. He noted that the exam in history is quite complicated, and therefore, he takes extra classes to go to University. Because otherwise he will have to go to serve the country. In April, the beloved Strizhenovoj wrote that he was drafted into the army. But even if Anton will have to give back to the Motherland, he hopes that he will be able to maintain the love with Sasha in the distance.

      Саша Стриженова плачет из-за возлюбленного

      The relationship between Sasha and Anton started just in school, Strizhenova. First they started a friendship, and then young people realized that between them there was love. Now the daughter of film Director and TV presenter loves her boyfriend. The girl has repeatedly stated that it has big plans for the future together. Sasha admires the inner qualities of her lover. 15-year-old daughter Stroganovyh and her lover called the newlyweds

      “On the outside he is strong, terrible, serious man, but at heart a very kind, gentle and affectionate. He’s also a rapper from God. Beside him I feel small-small. Sometimes he says I pick on him. But I’m all for it. In addition, he just loves to be with me, enjoy nature, smoke a cigarette, drink tea and just be silent. As they say, the silence in good company is worth more than empty chatter,” admitted Strizhenova.

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