Sasha Spielberg has been a shame on the talk show

Саша Спилберг оправдалась за позор на ток-шоу Videobloger explained the situation that occurred on the set of “Let them talk”. Last week, the issue involving Sasha Spielberg aired. In it the girl left the Studio, refusing to discuss a scandalous video where she answers questions from the curriculum.
Саша Спилберг оправдалась за позор на ток-шоу

Last week showed the release of “Let them talk”, which was attended by 19-year-old Sasha Spielberg. Videoblogger asked to comment on the scandalous video, which provoked discussion in the Network. In these videos a girl can’t answer questions from the curriculum, like “the great ocean” and “what do you call victory in the game of chess”. Sasha chose not to explain to the audience, and silently left the Studio.

Sasha Spielberg in shame left the Studio talk show

A few days after the scandal Spielberg gave an interview to a popular web resource. The Internet star responded to questions about the participation in current-show. According to the girl, she had clearly discussed the script with the editors, but they chose to violate it.

“Before the program we called the editor, told me to come. I was so sick, I postponed the shooting. The question was: “you won’t be any scandals?” I was promised that it will not. I decided to make friends, to collaborate. (…) We clearly sets out the topics, questions, and all that will happen. When I sat on the couch, I realized that not everything goes according to plan. Think: “Okay, I’m giving you one last chance.” At a time when we all pushed off from the program, I got up and left,” – said Sasha.

Spielberg noted that the channels collaborate with bloggers for the sake of hits on the Internet. So she expected a respectful attitude, but she tried by force to return to the Studio. According to Sasha, some employees of the program, she felt strong dislike. The star of the Internet believes that this is due to the competition of bloggers and TV.

“When I went into the dressing room, comes to me the General producer. He says: “go Back, we will replay you will applaud”. I said, “why should I? We had clearly negotiated terms”. When they realized that the program “flies” comes another girl and starts grabbing my hands. The situation is out of control, we begin to leave. We cry in the back: “Your generation, you are so rude, how can you, it’s a Federal channel, not yours “Instagram”, – said the girl.

Sasha left the phone on the couch. Says Spielberg, it began to blackmail. The girl was invited to return for the device. However, when the blogger got the camera around chose to leave her alone. About Sasha said in an interview with public IPS.