Sasha Savelyeva needed urgent help of a surgeon

Саше Савельевой потребовалась срочная помощь хирурга
Singer “celebrated” on March 8 in the hospital.

Sasha Savelyeva

Photo: @sasha_savelieva (Instagram Sasha Savelyeva)

On the eve of women around the world received congratulations from the men. Many stars of the Russian shore business held on March 8 at home with family. Others chose to visit the restaurant. There were those who devoted the international women’s day walk in the fresh air. That’s just to get pleasure from the weekend was not all of them. Sasha Savelieva, for example, the feast was in the hospital…

This morning the singer, along traditional picture bouquets from husband published a photo of the hands with deep cuts. Details of the incident she did not disclose, but later reassured worried fans that the doctors gave her help and all the worst is behind us. Judging from the picture, Savelyeva has a few stitches.

“Friends! Thank you for the congratulations! I’m fine now. Sewed. The doctor responsible, good… take care of yourself!” — wrote the singer. Due to injuries, Sasha had to urgently cancel a scheduled speech. The actress apologized to their fans for what was forced to miss the event.

Apart from concert activities, Saveliev, by the way, is now engaged and still producing. The actress not long ago presented the single “I choose you” and is working on a solo program, produced by the very same acts. “And so my project I’m producing myself: select material, find arrangers and musicians. It’s very interesting to create something by myself, — says the singer.— But, of course, every producer must be a good team. Right now I’m looking for such “my” people, to create together.”