Sasha Savelyeva changed taste

У Саши Савельевой изменился вкус
The singer opens up unusual components in the table.

Photo: from personal archive Sasha Savelyeva

a healthy diet should be Sasha for a long time. And always rejoices the onset of summer, when you can purchase good for the body seasonal vegetables. “My favorite avocado
you can eat at any time of the year. But the real juicy, flavorful tomatoes
has appeared only now. These two vegetable — based
most summer salads. But the secret is that in addition to the usual tomatoes,
cucumbers, sweet pepper added to the dish at least one unusual feature.
Replace, for example, onions for shallots or sweet red — and familiar
the dish will acquire a new taste! By the way, vegetables can get bored. I cucumbers
fallen out of love. But recently tasted the celery and fennel, which have previously
disliked — and now I put them in a salads and soups”.

By the way,
about the soups. In the backstage of the group “Factory” is a special item that first they need to prepare only light vegetable soups. Because meat girls think not
too usefull. “Ideally we need a vegetable broth
fresh ingredients: cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, zucchini and
eggplant, pepper, and salted them,” explains Sasha. According to the singer, her friend Irina Toneva in full compliance with the principle of unusual components varieties of this “fresh” composition, adding to the soup turmeric or curry. “But for me it’s still too spicy!”, — says Sasha.

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