Sasha Savelyev told about an important event in your personal life

Саша Савельева рассказала о важном событии в личной жизни
Singer congratulations to friends and colleagues.

Sasha Saveliev, Kirill Safonov

Photo: @sasha_savelieva Instagram Sasha Savelyeva

It seems recently Sasha Saveliev, Kirill Safonov has played a luxurious wedding, which “walked” the whole Russian Beau Monde. And in fact, yesterday the couple celebrated their eighth anniversary of family life. The singer congratulated touching a loved one with the onset of important dates. “We entered into our infinity,” wrote Sasha in social networks. Safonov in the second Declaration of love stressed that it is not just eight years of living together, and eight of the happiest years of his life.

Friends and fans of the couple to take this opportunity once again wished Savelyeva and Safonov birth. Fans can’t wait for the pair to become parents, so regularly ask the singer about plans for motherhood. “A pair of beautiful and children will. All in good time!” “Happiness and love to you! Take care of each other and your love!” “When children? Beautiful, talented — a beautiful couple”, “Pregnant need not have been fun”, “You rock! You look nice!” write Savelyeva.

Romantic anniversary the couple celebrated in Milan, where he had arrived a few days ago. Before that Sasha and Cyril was a trip “for two” in Georgia, where they were not parted even for a minute. It seems that Sasha and Kirill is impossible to maintain a loving, sensual relationship, not allowing domestic issues to affect their marriage.

Recall that the wedding Savelyeva and Safonov took place in 2010, after a short but brilliant novel pairs. By the way, very soon they will “walk” at the wedding, the adult daughter of Cyril Anastasia. Last fall she received from the beloved (an Irishman by the name of Steven) offer hands and hearts.