Sasha Savelyev suffered a personal tragedy in his birthday

Саша Савельева пережила личную трагедию в свой день рождения
The singer shared the sad news with fans.

Sasha Savelyeva with dead friend — Dmitry Bobovnikov

Photo: @sasha_savelieva (Instagram Sasha Savelyeva)

Sasha Savelieva was going to celebrate his 33rd birthday without fanfare. She had planned to assemble at home the relatives of the guests and arrange home parties with relatives. However, the birthday of the actress turned into a real nightmare. As soon as the singer heard the aircraft on Board of which was the ensemble. A. V. Alexandrov, crashed, she rushed to check the lists of the dead. It turned out that on Board the tragic flight of the TU-154 was a close friend of Sasha.

“When it happened, in the mind immediately leaped — Dima, Dima sang in the Alexandrov ensemble! Is opened the list of the dead, in the head hovered different… what each person thinks, “God, how? Why? How the tragedy happened?”, a parallel to this: “maybe he didn’t fly, was some business or something”… But no… his Eyes stopped at the name of Bobovnikov D. V. Yes, it happened… He was a wonderful father, a loving man and a wonderful actor, we all know that. Mourn and remember… forever! My condolences to the families of the victims in this horrible disaster…” — Savelyev has written in the microblog.

Recall that on the morning of December 25 there was a terrible plane crash that claimed the lives of 92 passengers. Among them were eight crew members, 64 members of the ensemble. A. V. Alexandrov, journalists of the First channel, NTV and channel “Star”, and also Elizaveta Glinka, widely known as “Dr. Lisa”.