Sasha Savelyev showed increased several sizes bust

Саша Савельева показала увеличившийся на несколько размеров бюст
The singer could be “the second Anna Semenovich”?

Sasha Savelyeva

Photo: @sasha_savelieva Instagram

The Vogue for breast enlargement, against all odds, fails. Celebrities continue to change the appearance in pursuit of the ideal. However, in the world of show business is still the star, not resort to services of plastic surgeons. Sasha Savelieva, for example, do not even think about how to make the bust more lush. The singer is sure: it looks organic in natural proportions. In order to convince others, she “tried on” a new breast.

The soloist of group “Factory” with the help of photoshop “changed” volumes, given by nature. The result of the Transfiguration Sasha shared in the social network. The reason for the publication of the edited photos was the issue of one subscriber: “You would dare to breast augmentation?”

Many fans (mostly men) were not agree with Savelyeva, telling her still to think about the possibility to make the appearance even more spectacular. Interestingly, the husband of singer — Kirill Safonov has nothing against careful attention to the spouse provided to the other men. The actor is not jealous of his beloved and, moreover, stands the author of the most explicit photos of the actress, which appear in the Network. “I did not swear. I’m proud of,” said Cyril recently.