Саша Савельева о беременности: «Спасибо, что так переживаете за нас с Кириллом!»
The singer thanked fans for their support.

Sasha Saveliev, Kirill Safonov

Photo: Alexander Camber

Sasha Savelyev and Kirill Safonov together for nine years. They are one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show-business, therefore, not surprising that fans look forward to the birth of their first child. Recently the singer admitted that he gets a day hundreds of questions about when her family appears kid. Surprisingly, Sasha tactless questions fans are not confused. Moreover, she was grateful to the fans for the great support.

Recently 34-year-old Savelyev openly spoke on the topic of motherhood. In the popular social networks have the opportunity to ask any question star. After a huge number of people asked the artist about plans for the birth of first child, she replied: “Thank you so worried about us with Cyril. Your prayers for this event will close!”

By the way, earlier, Sasha said in an interview: she firmly believes that children choose their parents. She feels ready to become a mother. “I’m ready for such a serious mission as motherhood. Sometimes joke with my husband that is not averse to increase a family to the size of a football team. Not that I only wanted boys. Of course, girls must also be. But this is decided at the top, and the children choose their own parents,” — said Saveliev.

Recall that Safonov has a grown daughter Anastasia from a previous marriage. Soon she will be married with an accountant from Ireland.