Саша Савельева о материнстве: «Спасибо, что переживаете» Sasha Savelyev told about when becoming a mother. Artist ready for pregnancy and would be happy if that happens. However, while the star couple cannot have heirs.
Саша Савельева о материнстве: «Спасибо, что переживаете»

The singer Sasha Savelieva, the soloist of group “Factory” is married to actor and Director Kirill Safonov eight years. Talented wife did not give rise to gossip, because they’re really happy together. Fans of the same couple waiting for the baby’s arrival and do not hesitate to ask direct and sometimes tactless wording of the questions.

In his 34-year-old Sasha Savelyev admitted that among fans it is the most popular question. And answered all at once, thanking you for the support.

“100500 question about this. Thank experience for us with Cyril. Your prayers for this event will close,” wrote Sasha Saveliev.
Саша Савельева о материнстве: «Спасибо, что переживаете»

Not only fans, but also journalists often ask Savelyeva question about motherhood. Sasha says she is ready to birth children, she believes that the children choose themselves parents and all the will from the top: “I’m ready for such a serious mission as motherhood. Sometimes joke with my husband that is not averse to increase a family to the size of a football team. Not that I only wanted boys. Of course, girls must also be. But this is decided at the top, and the children choose their own parents,” — said Saveliev.

Саша Савельева о материнстве: «Спасибо, что переживаете»

Sasha and Kirill met at the karaoke, after a brief honeymoon period, the young people were married. The wedding was held on April 17, 2010 in Tsaritsyno, in the Catherine hall of the Opera house. Safonova, who is older than Savelyeva exactly ten years, this was the second marriage. The first ended in 2001, the actor’s daughter, Anastasia, she now lives in America.

45-year-old Cyril has managed to maintain good relations with his ex-wife Elena, and his current Sasha is friends with my daughter.

The couple try to spend all free time together. Despite intense work schedules, they have time to relax and attend social events together. Fans never tire of admiring relations Sasha and Kirill. They believe that sooner or later the spouse will make them joyful news about pregnancy Savelyeva.