Sasha Savelieva and her husband had shared his happiness with fans

Саша Савельева с мужем поделились счастьем с поклонниками
The singer with her husband marked a very important event.

Саша Савельева с мужем поделились счастьем с поклонниками

Kirill Safonov and Sasha Savelieva

Photo: @kirill_safonov Instagram Kirill Safonov

Sasha Savelyeva

Photo: @sasha_savelieva (Instagram Sasha Savelyeva)

Sasha Savelyev and Kirill Safonov today dismissed the anniversary of family life. Seven years ago the singer and actor tied the knot. Per day copper wedding husband Savelyeva posted a touching photo taken on the day of the wedding. It so happened that the celebrity couple met with a personal holiday in Israel, where Sasha and Kirill flew the other day. In his 33-year-old Savelyeva eve had a romantic photo taken on the shore of the Dead sea.

Spouses are example of one of the most friendly and strong families in show business. Artists carefully preserved the family fortune. Some time ago, Sasha and Kirill made a rule: once in a while they will make a break in work to retire. The fact is that due to the large employment Saveliev with her husband at some point began to move away from each other, but this crisis they have managed to successfully overcome. Now for the star couple is always the first place is family.

By the way, just now in the career of Sasha has started a new round. In parallel with his solo career Savelyev took the production. It is known that the singer has higher education majoring in “music production”. She admits that she likes to work with teams to choose the direction of development groups. Recently, she became a member of the jury of the selection of singer in a trendy indie-pop project Sattva Project. “I’ve been in the jury of several contests, including children. Since I took part in “Star Factory”, then you know how exciting it is to undergo various auditions. First and foremost, I pay attention to charisma, musicality and interesting timbre singer — the rest can be work out…” — says Savel.