Sasha Saveliev told about the divorce

Саша Савельева рассказала о разводе
The soloist of group “Factory” has shared details of family life.

Саша Савельева рассказала о разводе

Sasha Savelyeva

Photo: V. Danilov

Sasha Savelyeva, who was always a man of few words when it comes to her personal life, for the first time openly spoke about the difficult situations that arise in her relationship with her husband, actor Kirill Safonov.

— Sasha, where did the rumor that you’re getting divorced? Winter about it
a lot of writing.

I don’t like
the word “perfect” when it is used to anything, especially to the relationship! And
such in the press notes it brings me no discomfort: I just don’t read.
Six years ago also had all kinds of articles claiming that Savelyev from
Safonov part. Then read the brief article where, on the contrary, it was reported that
was going to get married. We both laughed, because at that time already were
married, got married secretly! But journalists are probably looking for “a sensation” in
the hope that maybe it will get “to ten”.

— Unfortunately, even in harmonious marriages sometimes
there have been conflicts. Your no exception?

— Yes, it does happen and quarrels, and misunderstandings. It
normal. Most recently, arose just such a situation. We talked and
concluded that stopped to give our relationship enough attention:
together to go out, have fun. All the fault of our too
busy schedule. After talking, it became clear that something must
to do otherwise wallow in the abyss of ordinary life. And on Valentine’s Day I said

— Come on, let’s go!

Where? surprised he asked.

— Don’t ask — surprise!

Sasha Saveliev, Kirill Safonov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Husband began to worry:

— Oh, how inconvenient, because I have a gift for you yet

— This will be a gift for both of us!

The weekend turned out beautiful. Came in quiet
the hotel, walked, rested. We, unfortunately, have to part:
Cyril goes missing on set, I’m on tour. The more valuable the time
manages to hold together. And we try, because the family is the most important part
life. My tridtsatitrehletiya had on tour in St. Petersburg. Cyril arrived there
without warning. Just appeared in front of me with flowers and all. We walked along
the city, had dinner in a wonderful restaurant with huge floor to ceiling Windows. All
went exactly as I had imagined in my dreams. In the evening there was a concert

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