Sasha Project will get married in the dress for a million

Саша Project выйдет замуж в наряде за миллион The singer was able to realize his dream. Sasha Project is trying to make this wedding has become the most vivid and memorable. While the artist has not set a date for the celebration, because he wants it to be perfect.

      Саша Project выйдет замуж в наряде за миллион

      Not so long ago, popular in the early 2000s, singer Sasha Project received a proposal of marriage from her beloved. Now the actress is ready for the upcoming wedding. As he told Sasha “StarHit”, the ceremony of marriage she wants to spend on the Greek island of Paphos. Specially from Moscow will arrive makeup artists and stylists, who will assist the artist in responsible for her day. Despite the fact that the singer has not chosen the exact date of the celebration, she already knows which outfit will go under the crown. The actress shared with “StarHit” their plans.

      “Veil is made from natural weightless organza, and a corset made of natural satin. Dress is decorated with Italian handmade lace, natural beads and pearls. It is this combination of fabrics creates the lightness and airiness of the image. Decorated with pearls and stones make the dress truly luxurious,” told Sasha.
      Саша Project выйдет замуж в наряде за миллион

      In order to realize the idea of your dream dress, the actress turned to friend and designer Anna mores. With a girl they met by chance, but Sasha liked it so much her work that she decided to apply for a dress to her. The singer does not know how much time it will take is the tailoring of the outfit. Only dress, shoes and accessories, the actress plans to spend nearly a million rubles.

      “The date is not yet decided, as the complexity of the work dress of your dream can take a long time. It is not the designer, and I want this wedding was the most memorable and the most beautiful!” – confessed to the artist of “StarHit”.
      Саша Project выйдет замуж в наряде за миллион

      The upcoming marriage of Sasha Project will be the third for her. The singer was very surprised when her lover made her an offer of marriage. Star 2000s, tries not to brag about my fiance, carefully hiding it from prying eyes. Sasha Project: “the Father of my children abandoned us”

      “We lay on the beach, and he offered to dine in the room in a romantic setting. So I didn’t suspect anything, he asked me to organize the evening. But room service is late, and my fiance said, “Honey, this room has a surprise for you that will change your life! I want you to find my destiny myself!” Being intrigued I began to search and think, what could it be? Knowing black humor my man, I thought he was playing me. When I found a small box in the pillows, thought that there earrings or a bracelet but not the ring! He got down on his knee and said “will You marry me?” And I said, “Yes!” – shared emotions Sasha with “StarHit”.