Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас» The singer told “StarHit” what happened to her during the years of break in career. Sasha Project gave birth to a second child, separated from her husband and found new love. Now the actress is preparing for all his fans with an ambitious return to the stage.

      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»

      In the early 2000s, the name of the Sasha Project was on everyone’s lips. Her hits “I need you,” “Mama Said”, “White dress” sang the whole country. But then suddenly a girl with bright appearance disappeared from the horizon of the Russian show-business. Next came the appalling information that the mistake of a plastic surgeon brought Sasha to a whole series of operations to restore the health and beauty of the actress. Now the singer is trying to get justice in the courts. But during that time left her husband, but she still managed to find long-awaited happiness. Sasha is married, with two children and returned to creative activity.

      Sasha, after the resounding success in show business you abruptly disappeared – ceased to produce new songs, video clips. What happened?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»This story is connected with my plastic surgery. In 2009, I went to the doctor because I couldn’t breathe. The specialist that I wanted to get to the surgery was busy. In order not to wait in line, I’m in the same clinic, chose another doctor. It so happened that he did my surgery that I asked for a nose job. After surgery I had sepsis. The worst thing is that suppuration was in the eyes, and is very scared of doctors. Nobody can predict where will be subject to the infection – if it goes down or the brain. In order to fix this, I had to go through nine other plastic surgeries. Four years I passed literally with plaster on the face. One year I did three operations, respectively, there were three deep anesthesia. —
      You went to court? How long are the lawsuits?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»Two and a half years. Lawyers can’t guarantee when this is all over. The first thing we won, but we were not satisfied with the amount awarded. It amounted to 90 thousand rubles, and that’s fine. I understand that doctors don’t want to talk bad about their colleagues. A forensic examination is carried out the same doctors, I think they tried to reduce all my costs. In the end, I decided to go ahead and filed a lawsuit in the Moscow city court. The Bureau accepted our complaint brought the case at a new amount. We ordered another examination, but completely independent. Now waiting for the courts to decide.

      You said that after surgery you had problems with memory…
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»For anybody not a secret that the anesthesia is very harmful – it kills brain cells, which, in particular, are responsible for memory. Besides, now I have vegetative-vascular dystonia. Deep anaesthesia is permissible only once a year, and I had, as I said, three. I still learn from textbooks her daughter, she goes to the fourth grade. Read along with her book, repeat mathematics, Russian language and literature. Also had problems that I couldn’t speak. Even if you look at my interview a year ago, my vocabulary was a fraction, I forgot words, could not utter a phrase. I’m constantly practicing, and read a lot. —
      How did you cope with this difficult period in your life?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»The biggest work was carried out by psychologists. Bring me back to life and I turned to faith. I have my own mentor, the temple where I come to pray. I and my daughter wrote in the Sunday Orthodox school. Of course, fans really help me when I write that I’m back on the scene. But special thanks to my beautician who did everything to make me look good.
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»
      Now planning a comeback?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»Already now we are working on a new program image. The first song is already recorded. But I’m a terrible schemer. Not yet ready to reveal the secrets of what we have prepared. But I can say for sure that there was none. By the way, I decided not to sing about unrequited love. From now on, my songs will be only good, only about holidays, about the positive. —
      Many help the people closest to me?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»The family is very supportive, loves. But I am now divorced, raising two children. Husband left me when I started having memory problems. —
      You are left with the two children. Not afraid of being alone?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»Good people are not staying. My man is not a public person, so I’m not trying yet a lot to say about it. We met him last year, after the divorce with her husband.
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»
      As the daughter was going through what happened to you after plastic surgery?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»She is very worried, afraid to touch me. It was a great lesson and school. No child wish is to survive. Milena, the good girl, I sometimes think that she is old perceive her not as a daughter, as a sister or girlfriend. On 29 August it will be 10 years old, learns only on “five”, the only straight-a student in the class. Recently participated in the Olympiad on the Chinese language, took third place in Moscow.—
      Keen Milena? Whether as a mom, to sing on stage?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»No, it does not attract the scene. She is passionate about sports, he won numerous awards in rhythmic gymnastics. In nine years became the champion of Russia on Wushu. She is studying at the Moscow experimental school, where he studied Chinese language and trains. She has a global goal – to become the first Olympic champion in Wushu, her dream is to have this sport included in the Olympics. Of interest in the scene. no, she’s more like a workout.—
      And the son has somehow manifests itself?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»Leo is still quite small, it will be two years on August 21. He just starts talking. I try not to publish his photos in social networks. Sometimes, however, expose, but the ones I did not see his face.
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»
      As Milena refers to the brother? Not jealous?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»Daughter loves it, she’s with him everywhere. And how he loves her! As he sees it, from last – Mile, Mile!” She cares for him and helps as best he can. My son has a nanny, but Milena never misses a chance to do – to change his diaper or bathe. Many talk about being jealous of children, but we did not have this. When I was pregnant, she constantly talked to him. Maybe that’s why they are so attached to each other. As soon as Leo was born, Milena was perceived as something magical. —
      Dad’s coming to visit the children?
      Саша Project: «Отец моих детей бросил нас»Dad’s missing, he’s been gone a year. He is not interested in children – not pay child support, never calls. Well, we do not insist.

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