Sasha Project suffered in the accident

Саша Project пострадала в результате аварии
The Sasha Project has experienced a lot of stress, got in an accident.

Саша Project пострадала в результате аварии

The singer was driving home after speaking at a Gypsy wedding, in the car, which drove the actress, crashed into a Gazelle.

The car was seriously damaged but the singer miraculously survived, and she still can not believe what happened.

Саша Project пострадала в результате аварии

“Yesterday was my third “birthday!” I was born in a shirt! Thank God I’m alive. Arms, legs intact, the rest is healed! But the fear I experienced is probably going to haunt me for a long time I don’t know how all this happened, some seconds and I somehow bear arms, dizzy, voices, screams! When I came to myself and saw the car in which I was driving, I cried! Cried not from fear, he came then, crying, because I realized how lucky I am, lucky to be alive,” – wrote in Instagram Sasha.

The singer was in the backseat, and rescue workers had to carefully get her out of the burning car.

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