Sasha Project sued the plastic surgeon’s 2.2 million

Саша Project отсудила у пластического хирурга 2,2 млн

The singer failed to seek justice and to force the doctor who mutilated her body and face, to be punished.

Four years Sasha Project, she’s Sasha Ginzburg, tried to sue the surgeon of Andrey Varashkevich, which turned her life into a nightmare. And finally justice is done.

This story began quite banal, the girl wanted to fix a deviated septum and slightly tweak the shape of the nose, to make it easier to breathe. This pathology is a frequent phenomenon, many people live with it and many have decided. In addition to nose Sasha was worried about the chest, slightly lost shape after childbirth. The surgeon advised the girl to do not two, but three operations – and even to insert the implant into the chin to gain a chiseled face shape. Sasha agreed, and from that moment her life turned into a nightmare. Is appearance of dream girl got perceives the chin, the Breasts an unnatural shape and nose, which began to fail. Physical pain and poor healing was added the fear of the mirror.

The singer had to undergo nine operations to somehow correct the mistakes of the unfortunate doctor. During one of such interventions was identified that the surgeon installed the girl the implants, which had previously been used, that is standing in someone else’s body!

The proceedings lasted a long time. During this time she lost faith in herself, her career went on the decline, marriage has collapsed.

And here on November 24 the girl sued the physicians 2.2 million rubles.

“I hope that this nightmare will finally end. The money will go to fix all the flaws and injuries, which caused Sasha. In the process of examination revealed that she had to remove the implant from the breast because they can at any time burst. She did a repair operation after twice inserted an implant in the chin, so now she can start to fall out teeth. Sasha also need to alter and nose. Came a beautiful girl, she has changed beyond recognition. She goes to mirror and sees someone else’s face. Not only that, it’s not her, so it still disfigured by scars, failures, inflammations and bruises. Sasha’s breast implants were reused, and this was confirmed by the manufacturer. Our history lesson for all,” writes Life, according to the mother of the artist.

After so much suffering in the life of Sasha white band started. In addition to that, the singer won a lawsuit, in mid-October, she received an offer of marriage from your loved one and preparing for the wedding.