Sasha Project sued the clinic of two million

Саша Project отсудила у клиники два миллиона Star of the 2000s, won the case. Singer Sasha Project for four years trying to prove the guilt of plastic surgeons. A long time artist could not get a decent compensation, which would cover all expenses and compensate the moral damage after unsuccessful operations. Today, a hearing was held following which the court fully satisfied its requirements.

      For four years the star early 2000s Sasha Project is trying to achieve justice. After a series of unsuccessful plastic surgeries she went to court to recover funds from the clinics where unscrupulous doctors did the work. Today held a meeting, during which it was made the decision on collecting large sums of money in order to eliminate the effects of surgical intervention and to compensate moral harm.

      “The Moscow city court today held a meeting where it was decided to leave the decision without changes, and to award the sum of EUR 2 200 000. Sachets require surgery – she’s incorrect stitches that can affect the gums. The singer is afraid that she will just fall out teeth. All these effects should be eliminated – here we are talking not about beauty, but about health,” said the “StarHit” the lawyer of the actress Margarita Khabonina.

      For Sasha it’s not the first hearing. Prior to that, she won the case, but then she was awarded only 90 thousand rubles. This sum did not suit the artist. According to counsel, the initial examination was made by doctors who didn’t want to talk bad about their colleagues, but because I underestimated the size of the penalty. Sasha decided to turn to independent experts who could objectively assess the situation. Now the actress is waiting for the court decision enters into force.

      “The writ we will get two to three weeks and it will refer to the defendant for money, position under the law. They will have the opportunity within six months to file a cassation – that is, to appeal to higher authorities. But they have no objective reasons to reopen this debate,” – said the lawyer.

      Sasha Project told in an interview with “StarHit” that for the sake of correcting the error of a doctor she had to endure nine plastic surgeries. In one year three times she went under the surgeon’s knife and had three deep anesthesia. Now the artist doesn’t know when otvoditsya again to go to the clinic.

      Sasha Project: “the Father of my children abandoned us”

      “During that time, while there was a process, Sasha could not do the surgery because then the experts could not assess the real damage done by unscrupulous doctors – Margarita continues Khabonina. Now she will have to overcome a psychological barrier, but whenever possible, she will start to eliminate defects”.