Sasha Project received a gift of an expensive car

Саша Project получила в подарок дорогой автомобиль
About a year ago, singer Sasha Project shared with his fans the happy news, saying that he was going to marry her beloved Sergei.

Саша Project получила в подарок дорогой автомобиль

But young people still are unable to find the time to sign and to get married. He recently admitted that boyfriend gave her a gorgeous gift, a car of a representative class.

“I just still can’t believe that I have a car that I removed the clip that this is all happening to me. Soon I’m going to rest. So many surprises. For the presentation I came to support a lot of people. My man throws me with gifts, and the car is the most expensive of those that he did. I still believe, so I find it hard to Express their emotions. I got a nice shock from what is happening in my life,” cannot believe his luck the girl.

Now the fans are eagerly waiting for the singer to have news about the date of the celebration.

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