Сашу Плющенко расстроили на съемках «Вечернего Урганта»
Son Plushenko and Rudkovskaya starred in the popular show of the First channel.

Have lived already Sanya accompanied by serious transmission on the main channel of the country!Looking today at 23-30 @1tv program @vecherniy_urgant !

A post shared by Evgeny Plushenko (@plushenkoofficial) on Dec 14, 2017 at 11:31pm PST

Little Sasha Plushenko has not yet ispolnilos and five years, and he’s already hard at work on hard (and legs). Instead of having to prepare for the New year, to learn poems or Marshak, Barto and rehearse how he would climb on a stool in front of Santa Claus, but no. Sasha trains every day on the ice before the start of the Christmas show “the Nutcracker”. And today, the boy, together with their star parents came to filming the show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel.

“I think it will be the funniest program in the history of my life exactly!” — said John Rudkovskaya.

And then as if to refute her words a teaser of tonight’s broadcast, where Sasha Plushenko almost crying alone with Ivan Urgant in the frame. So upset the boy, remained behind the scenes, but the kid was clearly not happy with what is happening. Or just tired because of the load it is very large!

Photo: a frame from the transmission

He first started skating when he was a year and 8 months. Already in 2 years when average children are just beginning to explore the world, Sasha has started regular training. All the time the boy spends at the rink. What professional sports — hard work, no doubt. All athletes and Champions in their interviews talk about it. They did not know another life besides hard work on the ice, injuries, broken knees, worn-out feet… And certainly few of the Champions decides to impose such a life on to their children. But Yevgeny Plushenko decided that such a fate son suitable. Incidentally, Evgeny started only 4 years. And his son Alexander at this age have already gone on a full tour with his famous father. And now waiting for his regular appearances on the show “the Nutcracker”.