Sasha Petrov talked about his unusual mind

Саша Петров рассказал о своей необычной примете
The actor remembered how it was filmed with a high temperature.

Petrov takes several loud Prime Ministers, including the exit in
the movie “Ice” (the movie will be released on the big screens on Valentine’s Day). On the eve of
the long-awaited premiere, the actor admitted that in the profession, it helps extremely
unusual sign.

my life: if I begin to get sick, this is a very good sign, —
said Petrov in an interview with “OK connected”. For example, in the first
once in the field I arrived with a temperature of almost 39, and for me it was good
sign. For the right handed with a temperature of 38. Arrived at the lake Baikal with a temperature of 38, and
she just never decreased. It gave a lot of things. And, oddly enough, when
you have the temperature rises some ease in everything: although it’s hard,
it is necessary to reach the shooting area, 20 minute walk. This ease very much
gave the character.”

that Sasha Petrov seem to have “outdone” by Sergey Bezrukov
the number of games played for the last time heroes, he confesses: there is one,
which he wants to play more than anything!

“There’s this character from the movie “Moana”, this big, with
a tattoo, that’s possible — says Petrov. — Even with the help of computer graphics.
I want something absolutely unusual. Actually there is one story that
I’d love to bring to life: maybe someday will be able to play
Joker. That Is The Joker”.

Sasha Petrov


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