Sasha Kabaeva pregnant found out the sex of a baby

Беременная Саша Кабаева узнала пол будущего малыша
At the moment, the 25-year-old model Sasha Kabaeva is on the 26th week of pregnancy, this means that you can safely find out the sex of the future baby.

Беременная Саша Кабаева узнала пол будущего малыша

Sasha had originally planned to find out who is to be born a boy or a girl. This news is expected and all members of Sasha. So Kabaeva posted a big post in which not only outlined the main intrigue, but also gave good advice for future mothers.

“AS WE found OUT the sex of the BABY FOR 2 month

Generally I get up on the account) tested basic, and suited the time of the first screening (a few weeks), but to learn half want right here and now.

I know the analysis which is called “Panorama” you give blood, send in America and a week later comes the result, at the chromosomal level so to speak, reveal (there are 5, 10) many syndromes and diseases, are you willing and sick of this kid.

But my doctor as well that this analysis was done at my clinic.

Беременная Саша Кабаева узнала пол будущего малыша

Chose 4 is the down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, patau Syndrome and triploidy – you can Google!

In General what I have it all! In this analysis, they can also at the chromosomal level to tell the gender.

And of course we did) Oh) this week has been a torment to me While we waited. I always knew I was the boy’s mother)) Sasha did not care who)

In the week I went for an ultrasound and the doctor said, “Oh, well, the location of the pelvis like a girl))”.

I’m so oops)) so so) and beginning to understand that Yes, the girl is fine, plus this week we were visited by sister and nephew, who really brought it, and I thought, “Well girl, the assistant will)”.

I actually tuned in on the girl)) were staring Dresses, but Sasha didn’t know by the way that I did this test. I thought he was going to tell and find out for myself pretty like balls, cake with the color of the sex of the baby, well, dreaming again, thought I’d get a result some of the girls to go pick up and to cook) and we both don’t know in circle of friends all will be revealed.

Беременная Саша Кабаева узнала пол будущего малыша

But my doctor ruined my dreams about it, and sitting on the couch at home, I receive SMS from her: “Yay! It’s a Boy”, and I shouted: “boy Oh boy”, and he shouted: “aaaas maaaaany”.

That’s how we learned that first we will have paaaaaaain! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”

– emotionally told Sasha.

Recall that the joy of pregnancy Sasha overshadows the fact that her husband Alexander Lipovoy February 2019 remanded in custody. Alexander judged by the article “Fraud” for trying to collect on a debt from the person who long time did not give Sasha money. Read more about the case here…

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