Саша Кабаева оказалась на проекте Дом-2
Model and former dancer go-go Sasha Kabaeva bright and intelligent girl, she’s been “predicting” worldwide fame.

Саша Кабаева оказалась на проекте Дом-2

Sasha has already conquered Instagram, left to tell about yourself to those who watch TV and rarely looks at the social.network. The perfect way is the project Dom-2.

And, suddenly, Sasha got caught up in the show Dom-2, but later it turned out that not as a participant but as an expert.

“Today I watch House 2 at 23:00 decided to go on a talk show to support my @mexika_2x which is now in the Seychelles really miss you. even today, I will include it. it will be funny.”

– wrote Kabaeva.


By the way, many fans of Sasha for a long time “send” on the draft.