Sasha Bortech told what hates Paulina Andreeva

Саша Бортич рассказала, за что ненавидит Паулину Андрееву
The actress told what’s going on on the set of “beyond the camera”.

Alexandra Bortech, Paulina Andeeva and Julia Alexandrova

Photo: a scene from the movie “Mistress”

Star of TV series “Philology” and “the Policeman with the ruble”
Alexandra Bortech in the project Studio OK Live told
about how to develop her relationship with Paulina Andreeva on the set of the film “Mistress”,
where they are now removed together. Sasha remembered how a few months
before filming the Comedy “I’m losing weight”, she had to recover on 20 kgs,
she then lost weight, and here Paulina.

“Few people know about this, but I am very prone to
fullness. I’m working with the Paulina Andreeva, and she’s just gorgeous
figure, and she quietly eats whatever he wants, says Bortech. I
there is a joke that I hate Paulina. She had a moment when she
orders something and tells me “Sorry.” I ate pizza, I ate sweets and drank
Vino. Stomach I first fullness, then the poles and arms. It was very
funny, when I had a month and a half on a set of 20 kg. I had a correspondence
with producers, I sent them their pictures. I’m under contract had been prescribed weight
what day and how much should I weigh. At a time when I weighed 67 kg, that is
gained 9 pounds, they panic. They looked at my pictures in the social
networks where I look, in principle, OK, and shouted: “Why are you not fat? What
is going on?”. And in fact, I just his face moves slightly, and all. And
to lose weight it was also very difficult. All it seems that there is some kind of magic
method, but in reality it is not. A proper diet and sports. For weight loss
took me a month and a half during the movie then after the movie, I still lost.
It was difficult.”