Sasha Bortech extremely lost weight after filming

Саша Бортич экстремально похудела после съемок
In Moscow the premiere of the film “I lose weight”.

Саша Бортич экстремально похудела после съемок

Alexandra Bortech

Photo: Alexander Camber

In Moscow the premiere of a Comedy “I lose weight”, in which the main role
played one of the most popular young Actresses of the country, Alexander Bortech. On
red carpet miniature artist demonstrated chiseled figure though
all involved in the creation of the picture remember how Sasha looked during
filming: it was better — not much — for 20 pounds!

That Bortech scored “fair”, without the help costumers
and for the makeup told screenwriter Nikolai Kulikov. And actress
managed to gain extra pounds and lose them for a few months to
to continue shooting in his usual weight.

The plot of the movie “I lose weight” is that in the life of Anya (Sasha Bortech) two loves: food and
the handsome athlete Jack (Roman Curtin). When Jack throws her due to the fact that
she recovered, Anna decides to fight for his love and to lose 20 kg But
it turns out that alone to struggle with food and weight is not easy. On
help Anya comes obsessed with a healthy lifestyle fat nick (Eugene
Kulik). By the way, the film’s Director Alexei Desired he once lost weight by 28 kg,
so the issue for him is vital.

Саша Бортич экстремально похудела после съемок

Sasha Bortech in the film “I lose weight”

Photo: courtesy of the press service

Special decoration of the premiere of the film was recently returned from Bali Sergey
Cords — he has also a big role in the film. Watch a film musician
which is a rare visitor on secular receptions, arrived with his wife

Sergei Shnurov wife Matilda

Photo: Alexander Camber