Саша Черно рассказала о затяжном конфликте с матерью Relative spreads about the girl conflicting information. According to Sasha Black, a mother accuses her of theft. It is known that they have a very tense relationship, since the girl can’t she be more forgiving.

Sasha Black is one of the brightest participants of the project “Dom-2”. She meets Joseph Hovhannisyan and feels quite comfortable on telestroke. However, many fans know that Sasha’s life was not very easy. Since childhood she had a difficult relationship with her mother. She soon gave birth to Sasha and didn’t want to deal with the upbringing of the child.

“My mother (if it can be called such) had me at the age of 15, and with 5 years I lived with my sweet grandmother who raised me like his own daughter. More or less, but lived. We had to work with 15 years as not enough money. My mother stole money in our family. In addition I had three more children, a permanent change of men, and deceived. Engaged in fraud, sat a few times”, – told about the relative Black.

That is why Sasha was chosen to deal with his father’s family, she had a good relationship with him. She found out that he is her cousin quite by accident, walking through the woods. It largely helped the girl, gave gifts and tried to force to learn, as Sasha had bad grades at school. According to Black, the mother did not intervene in her life, and now he reminded himself.

“My family and I financial help to this day. I don’t understand why, when I came to TV, my so-called mother again carries me about the different rumors. About the theft… Why would I steal if I have everything there and more. It is not clear for what? For example, I was thinking to meet her and forgive for everything. But probably have to live on. Cuckoo-mothers never throw their children. I, frankly, fed up that I constantly say some dirt. Could not get used to the media life. So disgusting…” – says the girl.

Sasha did not deny that cannot call himself a man with a perfect past. However she tries to always be honest with subscribers. “If I have debts? Yes, there is. I never lie and always tell it like it is,” says Black.

As previously recognized, Sasha, she owes about two million rubles. Now every month she paid 50 thousand rubles.