Sasha Artemova stood up for Alexei Panin

Саша Артемова вступилась за Алексея Панина The actor was subjected to harassment after sharing the picture with the girl. Sasha Artemov believes that the accusations against the men are too cruel. She stressed that he believes the movie star a good man with flaws.

Recently former participant of the project “House-2” Sasha Artemova posted a picture together with actor Alexei Panin. This picture caused a storm of negativity from the fans of the girls. Many of them said that he was disappointed in her, because the movie star has a very questionable reputation.

Faced with sharp criticism in his address, Artyomov decided to clarify the situation. She came to the defense of the actor.

“Yes, he is! Is he not a man, not an actor? I show you it with the professional side. On the part of the actor, good person, fun person. And what are you then better than him that are ready to devour Lech for his lifestyle?! Yes, for me is not the norm what he was doing. But he is a man! And you have no right to show their incivility, bad manners, and put himself above him,” said the star of “House-2”.

Fans Artemov was divided into two camps. Many of them also defended Panina, who actively criticized for his provocative antics. However, there were also those who continued to speak negatively about the man. “Sasha, do not use them. He is not worthy of cooperation”, “People always say what suits their level of development. If they call Alexei dirty words, so this is their level,” “don’t worry, Sasha! This negativity was expected” – opinions of the fans are girls.

Artyomov said that the reputation of many stars was marred by scandals. According to the girls, the fans are often not even aware of the dark secrets of their idols.

“Half of the deputies, Actresses and actors, singers and well-known not only Russian, but also world, do these things. Thank God, we have heard only a small part. And you are Panina want to eat, to chide, as the evidence is there. And there would be evidence about other famous people good behavior, in the same way to sing! Only a few people even fell for this” – said Artemov.

Panin has long been oblivious to the criticism from the haters. He repeatedly apologized for his shameful actions. Due to the scandalous video Alex suddenly became amazingly popular. Now the man often takes part in various advertising campaigns.