Sasha Artemova chooses a wedding dress

Саша Артемова выбирает свадебный наряд The star of “House-2” tries on a white dress on important event in life. The girl shared with her fans an intriguing photo from the wedding boutique. Fans are wondering when will be the celebration.

Sasha Artemova and Evgeny Kuzin have become the winners in the competition “Wedding in a million”, which was held in the winter. However, the pair ofrmula their relationship in the registry office. Well-wishers began to think that the lovers never get married, but Sasha was published in the microblog photo, which fans saw her trying on a gorgeous wedding dress. The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova: “While we have not been able to have a baby”

“It is a pity that the camera does not convey all the colour and lustre of this impeccable peplum, which is a trend 2017. You should see him live!” – signed the girl.

Photo provoked a mixed reaction from followers, few endorsed the attire of Sasha and others subjected him to criticism. “Sasha, it’s not exactly your style. You something gentle!”, “Sasha, you’re very slender and beautiful girl. And dress should be delicate, graceful. And not what is fashionable. Fashionable is not always beautiful! This dress is awful,” “Generally not very, the entire figure is lost, no waist, nothing is visible…”, “Sasha, you’re beautiful, but the dress you definitely need more! More light!”, “You are very beautiful, but the style of dress not yours! And so you’ll be the most beautiful bride! Lucky Wife!” – shared views, the subscribers.

Many fans speculated that Alex will choose a different dress, because, according to tradition, wedding attire decided not to show up to the celebration.

When it happens the wedding is still unknown. The girl told that a million on the wedding, they won’t be enough, almost the cost of just one cake! Therefore, it strongly motivates a loved one to ensure that he was able to organize a celebration of dreams, alone earning money on it.

At the moment we know that Sasha is going to change at the wedding of two outfits: the one she’s going to have lush, with a train, and the other outright. The coveted event will take place very soon – in the summer, but the exact date is still kept secret.