Sasha Artemov turned away friends because of the change of citizenship

От Саши Артемовой отвернулись друзья из-за смены гражданства The star of “House-2” has submitted documents to obtain Russian passports. Sasha Artemov told the “StarHit”, after that some friends from Ukraine stopped with her communication. The girl is very experienced and doesn’t understand such behavior.

Now the star of “House 2” by Alexander Artyomov being prepared for the marriage with her lover – Eugene Kuzin. In February, the children became the winners of the project “Wedding in a million”, which is held annually on the main telestroke country. The celebration is scheduled for August. As soon Artemova plans to obtain Russian citizenship. The girl moved to Moscow from Lugansk, and only now decided to apply.

“Relatives in Ukraine, I have almost gone, only in Donetsk, Kharkiv. But mostly too parathesias in different countries – mainly also in Russia. We love her very much, always considered themselves Russian, the approach to Russia. But the two friends turned on me, went to serve in the Ukrainian army. For me it was a shock. So that’s that, and the political views, of course, can have friends to come together, but not with invective, abuse, death wish and the like. For me it’s a pain,” admitted the girl “StarHit”.

Sasha is proud of the fact that while living in Moscow she earned at the apartment and changed two cars. She is not afraid to work hard to realize their dreams. Artemova glad to have found a soul mate, and therefore builds further plans for life. The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova: “While we have not been able to have a baby”

“I live in Russia for almost three years, – tells Sasha. – Filed documents recently. Normally she lived with a Ukrainian passport – never any problems arose, and went abroad, and visas did. In Lugansk, LC, left grandma, she fundamentally did not want us to leave. Although, when there was a strong military massacres, terrible times, we took. When everything calmed down a bit, she decided to come back.”