Saruhanov settled the scandal about plagiarism with the song Pugacheva

Саруханов уладил скандал о плагиате с песней Пугачевой Now hit Diva “I flew” two of the author. And plagiarism, in which he accused the singer and composer Oleg Vladimir, named “coincidence”. New year’s scandal surrounding the fresh songs of Alla Pugacheva seems to be exhausted.
Саруханов уладил скандал о плагиате с песней Пугачевой

Fans have been waiting for year new song performed by Alla Pugacheva. Before the holidays, the Diva has posted a teaser of the song and promised “soon.” The premiere took place on the First channel in the morning of January 1, 2018. And already in the afternoon the first day of Alexander Pugachev Vulich accused of plagiarism, saying that the new song sounds exactly the same as the old, written 15 years by Igor Saruhanov. He was supported by colleagues – Yury Loza and Igor Saruhanov.

The author of new songs of Alla Pugacheva was accused of plagiarism

Further events developed rapidly. Alla called Alexander and said that the song “Invented love” from sarukhanova heard for the first time. The author of the song “I fly” the young composer Oleg Vladi in General, made a statement that the charge of plagiarism – “a planned attack on hypnotherapy, and it is not my fault.” Igor Saruhanov continued to call to account plagiatchikov threatened to go to court. But Alexander Vulykh, which raised the question of authorship of the song Pugacheva suddenly backpedaled and urged all to resolve the issue peacefully.

As they say, it Vulich suggested more time listening to and analyzing the song, set dual authorship of the music for her.

Igor Saruhanov Vlad and Oleg had a meeting and decided the case peacefully, as reported on their pages in social networks. The composers thanked each other and said about a possible collaboration.

“No matter what anyone said… but the Holy music love puts everything in its place! Despite all the publications, intrigues and provocations! Thank you, Igor Saruhanov, for infinite wisdom and talent! May the New year bring us all peace, understanding, and most beautiful songs!”, – Oleg wrote Vladi.

And composer Igor Saruhanov in his statement, acknowledged the generosity of the young author and explained that now the song “I flew” two of the author. This means that Igor will be getting royalties for the music in the new hit Diva. Recall that just ten days song Pugacheva became among the top downloads on iTunes.

“I am sincerely glad that in my country people tribe of talented and responsible musicians! The error can prevent everything, but when the person recognizes it and makes the first step, it is impossible for the nobility not to respond with generosity. Thank you chance, because I had a young and already well-known co-author, and we have together was born a great song – “I flew” maybe it’s just the beginning!” – said Igor Saruhanov.

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