Sarik Andreasyan gave his wife Liza Moryak an expensive gift Actress Liza Moryak married the director last November Sarik Andreasyan.

Sarik Andreasyan gave his wife Lisa Moryak an expensive gift A generous husband literally gifts his beloved , who gave him a daughter, Elizabeth. The star of the series “Mendelssohn” spoke about one of these gifts on her page on her social networks.

Lisa got in touch with blog subscribers and shared the good news. The sailor said that she became the owner of a bridal salon.

“Last year I got married myself, and this year I will be giving away marriages! I will be glad to see everyone who is going down the aisle in my wedding salon,” the girl wrote.

Sarik Andreasyan gave his wife Lisa Moryak an expensive gift

As it turned out, we are talking about the premises in which the filming of the series “Mendelssohn” with Lisa in the leading role took place. Probably, the actress was so inspired by her movie image that she decided to get into this business in real life.

Recall that Lisa Moryak and Sarik Andreasyan got married in the fall of 2022. 3 months after the wedding, the lovers had a daughter, Elizabeth. The actress continues to actively act in films, and the baby is being looked after by a nanny, whose help the happy father gave to the girl on March 8th.

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