Sarah Michelle Gellar talked about why proud Shannen Doherty

Сара Мишель Геллар рассказала о том, почему гордится Шэннен Доэрти

Actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Doherty Shannen share the work, mystic series, in which they filmed the beginning of the two thousandth, and a strong friendship, which in Hollywood is quite rare. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight star of the TV series “Buffy – the winner of the vampire” told about the illness of his girlfriend (at Shannen was diagnosed with breast cancer) and how she is proud of her and why.

Sarah Michelle admitted that Doherty looked at with different eyes when Shannen beginning of the fight against cancer and still managed to tell about his disease to others and try to help them: “Shannen – incredible — admitted 39-year-old Gellar. — What did she do for other women too going through something similar is very brave, this is courage – to go through the most difficult period in your life and simultaneously support other people, to show them what to be afraid to be vulnerable – it is normal that it can survive.”

Recall breast cancer Shannen Doherty diagnosed in 2015. The disease is revealed in serious stage. The reason for such late diagnosis is the lack of health insurance, which the actress did not make her Manager. Fortunately, treatment Sennen yielded results. The cancer went into remission.