Sarah Jessica Parker with her husband build a huge house

Сара Джессика Паркер с мужем строят огромный дом

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick took over the construction of a huge house in the West village, this large and beautiful, where her character Carrie Bradshaw could only dream of.

In 2016, Sarah and Matthew purchased two neighbouring townhouses, paying them more than $ 35 million. Then there were the rumors that they want to combine these houses into one, but the actress’s representative said that this information is false.
But Sarah took this idea into account. As it became known, business Manager Parker Frank Selvaggi filed documents stating that “the internal demolition of partitions”. The couple hired the notorious architect Morris Ajmi for redevelopment of houses in one huge whole 13900 square feet (a third of a football field) of living space, not counting the garden of 2100 square feet, patio and other pleasures. To new Yorkers it’s hard to imagine such a huge space in the middle of the city.
Externally the house. most likely, will not change, it is only the internal adjustment. The preservation of the external parameters and style carefully monitored in a special Commission “Landmarks Preservation Commission”. However, insiders say that Sarah and Matthew plan in the future to influence the decision of the Commission.
“They don’t want to live in a house that looks like two joined together,” – said the insider.
By the way, the neighbors offered the couple to buy their house next door and do a triple townhouse, but Parker and Broderick decided that they will suffice for what it is.