На Сару Джессику Паркер подали в суд
The actress will be responsible for violation of obligations.

Sarah Jessica Parker


In the life of Sarah jessic Parker seems to have started a dark stripe. At first she
quarreled with his colleague in the franchise “sex and the city” Kim Cattrall, and now she has a new problem: a jewelry company Jewelry Kat Florence
decided her to sue, accusing the actress of
flagrant violation of the contract.

As pointed out in my claim, the representative
the company the story began in
2015, when Sarah Jessica signed a contract for advertising jewelry
this company. She had become its face for five years to perform
spelled out in the contract the duties for which she had уплатить7, 5
of millions of dollars. For the money the 53-year-old actress actress was supposed to appear in light on
designated in the agreement a number of activities to take part in the opening 3
boutiques and publish a certain number
“posts” on his page in the social network to advertise the products

However, as the representative
the company almost from the moment of signing the contract Sarah Jessica beginning
to neglect its obligations. She said that in the next 5
months can not participate in the advertising company as it will begin to break
in the TV series “Divorce.” After that the artist began
to abandon one promotional event after another, claiming that she
too busy. The actress found time to promote their
private commercial projects (including her line of perfumes). As a result, as
says a representative of Kat Jewelry Florence,
the company suffered huge losses and now wants the actress replied
their actions. Lawyer Sarah says, of course, that his client in no
guilty, and that she considers herself offended. On which side the court
time will tell.