Сара Джессика Паркер показала подросших близнецов
The actress has pleased fans with a rare public appearance with daughters.

Сара Джессика Паркер показала подросших близнецов

Sarah Jessica Parker with twins Tabitha and Merio


Sarah Jessica Parker with her husband


52-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker is quite rare
can be seen at events with her 8-year-old twins — Tabitha and Marion.
The fact that the actress is trying to have her children (girls and their older,
15-year-old brother of Wilkie) was, in
the opportunities of a normal childhood. But this time, Sarah Jessica decided to take
daughters to a concert ballet
the New York City Ballet.

As told to Sarah, although she brings
twins, character in girls is completely different. “Tabitha can spend hours playing
one. And Marion — not so independent like her sister, she often need
mom’s attention…” — said the actress. It is curious that, although twins her delight and fight
not often, they don’t like to spend together all the time. “Sometimes I need to be
one without her.” — he said once Tabitha. And insisted that she and Marion went to
different schools.

As for her older child — Wilke,
she is very happy with them. “He has wonderful friends and I’m not overjoyed, looking
what a wonderful young man he is becoming…” — admitted

Recently the actress was asked if she felt
still happily married to the father of Wilkie, Marion and Tabitha with actor Matthew
With Broderick, because last year the couple celebrated the 20th anniversary of their life together. “You know, over time things change and relationships, and you yourself…
Probably it sounds funny, but I think I was very lucky that my husband is everything to me
still love…” — said the actress.