Sarah Jessica Parker said that there is no conflict on the set of “Sex and the city” was not

Сара Джессика Паркер заявила, что никакого конфликта на съемках «Секса в большом городе» не было

The conflict between the stars of the series and movies “Sex in the city” continues, and Sarah Jessica Parker at this time denies the conflict with Kim cattrall. The last time she tried to establish a relationship with the actress, but she did not budge.

Сара Джессика Паркер заявила, что никакого конфликта на съемках «Секса в большом городе» не было

It all started with the refusal of cattrall to star in the third part of the film “Sex and the city,” that is not very pleased of her colleagues, who, by the way, is younger than Kim. Parker is accused of cattrall that the picture will not be released and even there was news that the actress, who played Samantha, looking for a replacement. Parker said that because of too high demands her colleagues have been cancelled shooting of the third part. That, in turn, denied the allegations and said he just doesn’t want to do, and the relationship with the team she’s not the best.

Despite the fact that cattrall decided to reveal the whole story of the shooting, describing negative relations between actors, the role of Carrie Bradshaw in a recent interview declared that no conflict was not.

“I’d just like to remind everyone that between us there is no animosity. I never said cruel and spiteful words. I have always appreciated the work of Kim and her contribution. If she decides not to star in the third film, there’s nothing I can do to change her decision, and I think we should just respect her decision. And that’s the only thing I ever said about it.”

“I’ve never been out with anyone in public and wouldn’t do it. People should not remember us as two women who were out on the set, because it just wasn’t there. We spent 12 years of his life to do what I really love and proud of,” said Parker.

She noted that together with his colleagues Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, who decided to run for Governor of new York, expressed regret regarding the fact that the film would not take place, however, with the decision Kim she resigned.

“We still live in a free country where people can make their choice, and it happens that sometimes we hear “no”. And the only possible way for me to answer that, just take this view and respect it,” she concluded.

Recall that the family of 61-year-old Kim cattrall it was a great tragedy — her brother Chris was found dead after he went missing. Grief-stricken actress has confirmed the news, after they asked for help from fans in his search. Many friends and fans supported cattrall and expressed their condolences, including former colleague on the series “Sex and the city” Sarah Jessica Parker. She wrote a message of condolence addressed cattrall, and that love is not felt, very sharply responded the actress.

“Dear Kim, I’m sending you and your loved ones my love and condolences in the passing of your beloved brother,” writes Parker, cattrall.

“I don’t need your love and support during this tragic time… My mom’s said, “When this hypocrite will leave you alone?” Your constant reminder to myself is a painful reminder of how cruel you were and continue to be. Let me explain, if still unclear. You’re not my family. You’re not my friend. I write this to say for the last time. Stop using our tragedy to restore their own image of cute girl” wrote Kim in Instagram.