Sarah Jessica Parker missed the neckline

Сара Джессика Паркер промахнулась с декольте

The actress chose such a skimpy outfit that she had to hold her Breasts with his hands, not to remain naked.

The star of the show “Sex in the city”, apparently, can not let go of the image of Carrie Bradshaw, which brought her success. Actress and in life trying to be less shocking than its heroine. But sometimes this shock turns into embarrassment, as happened during the live show Jimmy Fallon on NBC.

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For the next campaign on T. V. Sarah chose an unusual dress with a trailing shoulders and a very deep neckline, halter the dress was not. The entire program, the actress tried to sit quietly, and at every opportunity raised the hands to his chest, as if squeezing it. Fans of the stars didn’t even hear what she says, all the attention was focused on the neckline, or rather, by the time Sarah gets distracted and dress fall, exposing her Breasts. But the actress was on the alert, and the male half of the fans left without that sight.

After the broadcast, the actress was flooded with questions about her dress.

“Your outfit was amazing! But the way he behaved?” – interested subscribers.

Sarah is silent, and the fans guessing. Some suggest that under the dress was the Scotch, others that the dress is pinned to the underwear with pins.

There are those who have put forward the theory that no special tools were not, and the dress was kept very badly, that’s why the actress was constantly pressed his hands to his chest. By the way, all noted that the chest of 51-year-old star luxurious.