Sarah Jessica Parker got sick megalomaniac

Сара Джессика Паркер заболела мегаломаниемй
The actress has puzzled his fans.

Сара Джессика Паркер заболела мегаломаниемй

Sarah Jessica Paker


Recently became aware of
grandiose plans Sarah Jessica Paker and her husband Matthew Broderick. Spouse,
who some time ago bought in new York two standing next to the house,
decided that their family will be cramped in one building and decided they
reorganize to combine together. Moreover, for the design of works, the couple hired a well-known
architect Morris Adjmi. Available
information, this restructuring will cost a couple at least 20 million
dollars. But the purchase of these two buildings Sarah Jessica and her husband already
spent about 35 million — reported by the website

Why the actress took
such a huge space is a real mystery. After the unification of the two
buildings, a Sarah Jessica, her
children and husband will be housing with an area of almost fifteen thousand square
m! While the family of the actress
consists of just five people, including three children, Sarah-Jessica — 15-year-old James and ten year twins
Tabitha and Marion, which endured for Parker’s surrogate mother.

Recall that while in the overseas press has repeatedly reported
the crisis in the family of the actress, according to Packer, she still loves her
husband living in wedlock for more than 20 years. But, as
repeatedly recognized as Sarah Jessica, combining a successful career with the responsibilities of wife and mother,
given her difficult. However, it
doing everything to find time for her husband and their children.

Sarah Jessica Paker with her husband and children