Сара Джессика Паркер поздравила «сестрёнку» Ким Кетролл с днём рождения

Sarah Jessica Parker – not a frequent visitor of Instagram, but yesterday looked on his page on the social network to congratulate girlfriend Kim Catrall, whom he befriended while working on the series “Sex in the city”, (in a whisper) sixtieth birthday. Yes, the same Samantha, affecting the viewer the fullness of sexual life, has entered its seventh decade.

Сара Джессика Паркер поздравила «сестрёнку» Ким Кетролл с днём рождения
“Happy birthday, gorgeous! Wish love and best, wonderful, healthy and adventurous year! Your sister Sarah-Jessica” wrote Parker under the photo of Kim.

By the way, during the filming, which lasted from about 1998 and 2004, women played best friends, but in reality their relationship was very strained. Fought Actresses, even through wages for work on a feature-length film “Sex in the city” and “sex in the city 2” hit the screens in 2008 and 2010, respectively. But then in an interview Catrall said that all the speculations are false, and in fact they have Sarah perfectly.
“People don’t want to hear that everything is good and we communicate well. They earn too much to gossip about how two powerful women fight each other. But we continue to be friends and fun to do its work. This, however, the media prefer to write less” — said Catrell.


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