Sarah Jessica Parker confessed his love to her husband

Сара Джессика Паркер призналась в любви к мужу
The actress believes their marriage is happy, but is taking a lot of effort.

With her husband at the gala;new York theatre ballet. 2016


Sarah Jessica Parker married actor Matthew Broderick for 25 years. This is truly a happy anomaly for couples of actors. The actress admits that she is happily married. “My husband has its UPS and downs in the relationship, like all couples, says Parker, But is subjected to detailed analysis and discussing everything that happens to us, we can say, dissect problems and difficulties. Try to learn from their mistakes and to understand what my husband like.”

Sarah believes that a common opinion that in marriage the rules of the game for all the same — has nothing to do with reality. “There are no rules, every marriage is unique. What works for one, does not fit other pairs. Any Union is a kind of investment. If people are not willing to invest in a relationship, the probability of divorce is very high. Even such important thing as expectations. You enter into a marriage with certain expectations. Over time, these expectations are changing. You become smarter and might start to think that your initial hopes and demands are not worth to fight for maintaining the relationship with that person. But in such cases, people often break. And go. Go on a new voyage…”

Parker advises all women who feel discomfort in the relationship… not to pay attention to what irritates them in the husband! And to need as she is, that her husband was proud of his wife. “The main thing is that Matthew continues to be interested in each other, — says Sarah. — More interesting than anyone else. We come to one another… At least so far it is… I know it sounds a bit dry and not too sexy, but in a relationship in the first place should be a partnership. For example, if I ask myself the question, who would you like to spend the holidays in Ireland, in the middle of nowhere, in a small village where we have a house, the question arises — in Matthew, and only with him. I want to see the ruins of the old fortress, with him. Who is still able to challenge me? Who do I want something to prove? Who I like the most? Of course, this does not mean that I don’t understand the devil any of us can be lured. Flash of passion, ineradicable human desire to learn something new, be someone of interest or someone to be interested in. But this does not mean that it is necessary to go on such way”.

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