Сара Хайленд пригласила Ванессу Хадженс стать подружкой невесты

Сара Хайленд пригласила Ванессу Хадженс стать подружкой невесты

An invitation to a wedding as a bridesmaid Sarah Hyland Vanessa Hudgens was a real work of art. And it could not remain without attention!

Fans of Sarah can not wait for this, surely a terrific bachelorette party. Sarah Hyland, 28, asked 30-year-old girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens to become a bridesmaid at the upcoming wedding. Recall Sarah, the star of “American family” marrying the star of the show “Bachelor in Paradise” wells Adams for 34 years! It is impossible to ignore, the invitation to the wedding, it was just an invitation dreams. The invitation lay in the wooden box tied with white ribbon and decorated with real gold leaves.

Сара Хайленд пригласила Ванессу Хадженс стать подружкой невестыEverything was done so subtly that just captured the spirit of delight, when fans of the girls saw the video in Instagram, where Vanessa is considering it. The video was immediately supplemented by thousands of admiring comments and began to gain an unthinkable amount of likes. Judging by the video it’s safe to say that Vanessa said “Yes” to the request of his girlfriend!

Сара Хайленд пригласила Ванессу Хадженс стать подружкой невестыThough it may be a cause for celebration, but for the last few days Sara, unfortunately, had other ideas. On the weekend she shared photos and videos about how she went to the emergency room with their lover wells. She did not disclose what was her problem with health, but she was definitely trying to pass the time, because she was fooling around with the filters Instagram, posting amusing footage of himself and his fiancé. In the past, the actress openly talked about his struggle for health, including two kidney transplants and at least ten other operations.

She also suffers from painful endometriosis. However, among all this she found happiness with Welles, whom she met for the first time just two days before kidney transplantation in 2017. It is unclear who else Sara asked me to participate in her wedding party, but given that
her many famous friends, we can expect to see some more familiar faces!

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