Sara OKS scandal Dima Bilan on the set of “the Voice”

Сара Окс устроила скандал Диме Билану на съемках «Голоса» The singer explained why her statement on the project not shown on TV. Sara OKS said “StarHit” that during the blind auditions, managed to blow up the hall, singing a popular song of the group “VIA Gra”, but the song of his own composition. However, the organizers of the show didn’t appreciate it.
Сара Окс устроила скандал Диме Билану на съемках «Голоса»

On the First channel these days with predictable success is the sixth season of the popular show “the Voice.” Last Friday ended the stage in the blind auditions. Mentors have formed their teams, and vocalists now have to continue to prove your skills.

But as it turns out, the performance of some of the bidders left out of the ether. For example, viewers did not see the enchanting performances of the actress and singer Sarah Oaks. As told to “StarHit” singer in an exclusive interview, she was given obviously a failure for the first stage of “the Voice” song. During the casting Sara OKS performed the hit group “Leningrad”.

“When it came to listening, emphasis is not on vocals, and funny and fun. First, Yuri Aksyuta, hearing in my performance “Exhibit” grouping “Leningrad”, was asked to do something in less games, well, then, when I opened my mouth, everyone forgot about the songs. Asked about life, men, careers, joked. I will not dissemble: I was given a losing song” – told the “StarHit” Sara OKS.

The singer did not argue with the producers, believing that professionals know best and have agreed to perform in the blind auditions song “Diamonds” of the group “VIA Gra”. Very soon Sarah wished that didn’t even try to convince the creators of the show.

“And now, after a few uneasy steps before blind auditions, I stood on the stage. Sing no one dare. I already understood what was happening and just started singing for himself and the viewer. Inserted in the chorus the words “Bob” and “Vasya”. Honestly, I mocked them as they need me. I do not know whether they could evaluate my room is appreciated, but what Nagiev instantly woke up, the teachers were in shock and laughed heartily, and the audience just exploded – that’s a fact. I did not stop and after the song ended, and the chair of the jury turned around. She sang her own song “Nymphomania” openly joked on the show,” said about his performance of Sara OKS.

Sara OKS admits that she is very angry about the words of Dima Bilan on a poor choice of song, because the singer is sure: the coaches of “the Voice” know that it does not depend on the participants of the project.

“Of course, I’m on the way to Express what I think. Asked how he came to be seated in these chairs with such a master like Simon why he takes mediocre artists who allow us, and he sings, not so much. Of course, everyone was in shock. Despite this, Dima came up to the stage and gave me a hand and helped me down. It was nice that even after this scandal, many employees and other participants personally thanked me for my honesty and admitted that they themselves would not dare to tell the truth,” concluded Sara OKS in an interview with “StarHit”.