Песков опять засветился на фото в «офигительных штанах»

Olympic champion commented on the way the wife in the style of the band “Leningrad”.

Recall that in February, the network got the photo of the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov at the car wash. It would seem, what here such? But the public are used to seeing him in a suit, and here he was dressed in red sweatpants, tall “ugg boots” and sheepskin. Photos made the network a real sensation.

And just all just forget about the history with the fashion how his wife Tatiana Navka posted a photo with the caption: “With my daughter and drop dead in my pants”. In the picture wore, Dmitry Peskov, in the same way!

Fans of athletes immediately understood the hint of the band’s song “Leningrad” “Exhibit” and the humor is appreciated.

“Give all men red pants?! Spring fashion for them!” said members of the famous sportsmenki.

Bow Peskov so captured the attention of fans of the couple, that they did not even notice Tatiana in addition to Dmitry also showed grown-up daughter Nadia, which in August will mark two years.

Not left without attention of the red pants and the TV. As reported RIA Novosti, during the program “Right to know” on the channel “TVC” Peskov’s still asked about the now legendary sweat pants.

“We all live a simple human life. I had a normal evening. When you come home from work anywhere after 12 at night, sometimes can’t sleep. Wife on a business trip. Had a fight with a child over two, don’t sleep. Here in sweat pants, got in the car, went to wash up,” said press Secretary of the President.

That’s how it happens: get out of the house at night in normal pants, but in the morning they will be all the rage.

Waiting for sellers red sweatpants podsuetitsja and release the “awesome pants like Peskova”.

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