Сандра Буллок втайне вышла замуж?
Boyfriend of the actress appeared with a wedding ring on his finger.

Sandra bullock and Brian Randall


Sandra bullock was intrigued by its fans: in the media there
pictures taken by paparazzi who managed to suspect that Sandra secretly
married! Reporters filmed the actress
when she walked through the streets of Los Angeles in an embrace with her boyfriend —
photographer Brian Randall. And, as can be clearly seen on made
photo on the ring finger of Randall flaunts a gold wedding ring. True
impossible to see her hand Sandra gave: it hard to hide it behind
your favorite.

Actually, the rumors, the 53-year-old bullock is going to marry Brian, go for
for quite some time. They actually were civilian spouses live together already
two years and quite happy. Sandra met Randall when
he came to her house to carry out a booked photo shoot son bullock. They
made a strong impression on each other from the very first meeting, and soon
Brian settled in the house of the actress…

Now together they are raising two adopted children, Sandra and 7-year-old Louis
5-year-old Lila. As claimed by girlfriend Sandra, Brian is very much involved with
children and they think
Brown his dad, although the documents Bullock is a single mother. Adoption
Louis actress started as a wife of Jesse James. However, by that
the moment the procedure of registration of her as the adoptive mother of a boy
ended, burst into a terrible scandal.
Jess caught then that cheated on Sandra, but not with one but with several
women. Bullock kicked James out of the house and filed for divorce, and Louis
adopted one. As for Laila, the time when she appeared in
house Sandra, her affair with Randall was already in full swing. Bullock started
to meet Brian a few months before this summer of 2015. But to adopt Layla Sandra chose alone again.