Сандра Буллок готовится к свадьбе
The actress was hesitant to get into another relationship because of the betrayal of her ex-husband.

Sandra Bullock

Photo: Splash News/East news

Very soon, Sandra bullock is going to celebrate the anniversary of a meeting with photographer Brian Randall. But about a new novel by Sandra still has not said a word publicly. Despite the fact that everyone in Hollywood know – Brian lives in her house. The reason, apparently, one. Sandra too painful burned in the past. Especially with her first and last (so far) husband Jesse James, a biker and a big fan of pornstars.

As recognized by the actress, the news that her husband was unfaithful, and with the porn star, bullock has become a great shock, and still brings her pain…

“This betrayal was a real betrayal,
stab in the back, ” says the actress. I allowed myself to relax and that’s why I hardly kick not
broke. Salvation was little Luis. As you know, we were going
to adopt him, along with her husband. But when I broke up with him, the process
adoption has continued without participation of the husband and quite quickly I found
your baby. And it’s the child that helped me to pull myself together. Nothing
makes a woman stronger and wiser than motherhood. Because as a mother I
I want my children to see me as a woman, what I want to be.”

After the divorce, Sandra has dedicated herself to maternal care, with no one
met. Out of fear or unwillingness once again to tempt fate. And when
decided to trust the man, rather like a snail close to the shell.
Though 7days.ru bullock for the first time admitted that he finally felt strong enough again to decide on a marriage.At least for the fact that the children had a new father.

“I’m fine
imagine yourself in a secure relationship, ” says bullock. Lots of laughter and love, and many memorable
happy days and hours. I have the appearance of Louis formed a traditional house.
The traditional family with children’s cries, a schedule filled with childish
games. And I want to keep it that way”.

The full interview can be read here.

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