Sandra bullock is planning a wedding with your beloved

Сандра Буллок планирует свадьбу с любимым
The actress decided to hold the ceremony.

Сандра Буллок планирует свадьбу с любимым

Sandra Bullock


Sandra bullock, already
two years is found with her boyfriend Brian Randall, decided, finally,
to combine with it a legal marriage. Bullock originally wanted to get married in
his home in Jackson Hole in Wyoming, then she and Brian were considered
variant of new Orleans. But in the end, they opted for
Europe. The actress, who loves France and everything connected with it, decided to have the wedding in the small town of Rennes-le-Chateau in the South — East of the country.

The actress and her boyfriend have long
steel, in fact, civilian spouses. They live together in the house of the actress and
bring together two adopted children
Sandra’s 7 — year-old Luis and 5-year-old Lila. As
say girlfriend Sandra, Brian is very much involved in with children and they believe
Brown his dad, although the documents Bullock is a single mother. Adoption Louis
the actress is the beginning of another as the wife of Jesse James. However, by the time the procedure of obtaining it, as
the adoptive mother of the boy, ended, burst into a terrible scandal.
Jess caught then that cheated on Sandra, but not with one but with several
women. Bullock kicked James out of the house and filed for divorce, and Louis
adopted one.

As for Laila, by the time
when she showed up at Sandra’s house, her affair with Randall was in the
swing. Bullock started Dating Brian a few months before
this — in the summer of 2015. But Sandra
chose to adopt Layla alone again. Apparently, after
as she suffered the shock of the betrayal of Jesse James, it was difficult for her so
quickly begin to trust and her new man. However, now Bullock, apparently
convinced of the reliability and loyalty of her boyfriend and decided to take a risk to go
down the aisle again.

Sandra bullock with Brian Randall