Sandra bullock is married to his 52nd birthday

Сандра Буллок выйдет замуж в свой 52-й день рождения

Lover of Hollywood actress became the 44-year-old photographer.

“Miss congeniality” is back at the crown. She, of course, official statements has not yet been done, but it is known that 51-year-old Sandra bullock is getting married.

Lover of Hollywood actress became the 44-year-old photographer Brian Randall. According to rumors, he did offer a few months ago, but their consent bullock announced just now.

Friends and colleagues of Sandra, however, took the news without much enthusiasm. For anybody not a secret that Randall for a long time had problems with alcohol. Now the choice of a Hollywood star is “clean”, but nobody can say with full confidence that it will not break again.

However, Sandra’s past lover hardly cares. According to relatives, she already started the preparations for the wedding. Decided that the ceremony will take place in her 52nd birthday – June 26.

Recall, it will be the second marriage to bullock. Prior to that, she was married to TV presenter and motorcycle manufacturer Jesse James. The couple formalized their relationship in 2005. In 2010, Sandra and Jesse adopted a boy. A few months later, the actress announced that filed for divorce. Cause of discord in the relationship was the infidelity of a spouse. Jesse James repeatedly cheated on his wife with different women, explaining that some “disease”, referred to it as “sexual addiction” (read more here).

In December 2015 Sandra adopted another child – a girl named Lila.

Сандра Буллок выйдет замуж в свой 52-й день рождения
Sandra and Jesse

Sandra and Brian

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