Sandra Bullock has postponed the wedding with her boyfriend

Сандра Баллок отложила свадьбу со своим бойфрендом

We don’t already know how to get enough positive changes in their personal lives Sandra Bullock. Romance of Hollywood actress and cute photographer Brian Randall almost reached the altar – the pair already lives together as a family, raising two adopted kids actress. But, according to the publication National Enquirer kind of friend Sandra, to official registration of marriage can not be reached – Bullock was beginning to doubt whether or not to walk down the aisle.

According to reports of a friend of Bullock, the longer the actress lives with Brian, the more he sees the similarities between him and her previous husband Jesse James, a marriage which broke up because of him cheating. Randall before reminded her ex-husband, but she was sure that this is only the resemblance, now she sees that character and temperament have a new husband like Jesse. Sandra fears that this marriage can destroy infidelity to Brian, and to survive another blow like the woman is not willing. To have a little think about the future, Sandra decided to postpone the wedding.
Recall that Rendola Sandra started Dating last year. A former model and now photographer, was hired by a Hollywood star on the day of the birth of her son. Soon, between them grew a passionate affair and soon Brian moved home to his beloved. We hope that the information on doubts and misunderstandings in the relationship of Sandra and her fiancé will be someone’s imagination, and soon she will become Mrs. Randall.

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